Luxurious Skin Treatments

Pamper Package

2 Hours $300
This extra-long massage is designed by you! The aromatherapy will be mixed to please your senses. The hot lotions combined with hot stones will allow your body to slip into a state of tranquility. Hot towels infused with essential oils will melt away your stress. A luxurious facial and eye treatments will rejuvenate your facial muscles and relax those lines and restore your youthful glow. Nothing like a thermal hydration hand & foot treatment (with warm mitts & booties) or (your choice) Sea Salt Scrub of the hands and feet both end with hydrating smoothing butter to cleanse away any rough or dry skin and leave them feeling energized and polished.

It’s All About Me


Massage Services

Spoil Me Rotten

Make Me Forget All About It

Pamper Package

90 Min $250
Let your expert therapist coax the weight of the world off your shoulders! Your muscle tension, stress, and worries will melt away. First your senses will be taken on a journey of relaxation with soft compressions all over your body of steaming towels that have steeped in aromatic herbs. This will allow you to enter a peaceful state. To follow, hot smooth stones will be placed on the body and used by the therapist in a specific pattern and motion to relieve muscular tension and promote general well-being. Your hands and feet are busy all day carrying you around and taking care of business. Now it is time for them to be pampered. Your therapist will take great care and apply an invigorating salt scrub and remove it with a warm water sponge bath. This newly polished skin will be drenched in a body butter that will restore them to a must be touched finish. Your treatment will give you results that will linger long after your session has ended.

Pamper Package

60 Min $180 
90 Min $275
This customized massage with aromatherapy will encourage your body to drift into a blissful rest. Sandalwood, lavender and chamomile oils combined with hot stones and a variety of massage techniques are the ultimate combination to create a state of relaxation that will last long after your massage has ended. Can’t forget those feet! You will enjoy a sea salt scrub of the feet with a hydrating smoothing butter. This is the perfect way to create those touchable silky soft feet.

Massage and Spa Treatment Services

60 Min $75
90 Min $120
Our Swedish Massage uses basic, calming, non-invasive massage strokes that increase circulation and induces a soothing state of relaxation.

Swedish Massage

Embrace Me Massage

60 Min $95
90 Min $145
This is our signature massage, have it your way massage! We take time to talk with you and learn what your needs are, then we customize the massage to spend the most time in the areas you want targeted. We will blend the perfect combination of massage strokes that include relaxing long soothing, circulatory, deep tissue, acupressure, reflexology, aromatherapy, and perfectly timed hot towels and hot stones to melt away your stress. At the end of your massage an application of Biofreeze® is applied that creates an icy hot feeling. This Embrace Me Massage has long lasting benefits to soothe those achy muscles.​

Cancellation policy:

Please contact us by phone at 856-433-8095 at least 12 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time in order to avoid being charged a cancellation fee that could range from $75 up to or equal to your scheduled service, this especially applies to any pamper package that is more than 60 min. long.

This fee charged is to partially compensate the therapist for the time lost if a replacement client cannot be found.  Embrace Wellness is mainly a by appointment only environment.  Our family of therapists arranges their schedules and often arranges child care according to scheduled appointments.  Our cancellation fee helps make sure the therapists can provide for their families.

Thank you in advanced for your understanding.

60 Min $165
90 Min $245
This massage is perfect for two people and offered in a two table room for privacy with two expert therapists. During your massage you will enjoy aromatherapy and hot towels combined to melt away your stress and create a calming and peaceful atmosphere.

Special treatments for Anti-Aging, Exfoliation, Hydration, and Firming, Refreshing Eye Treatment, and a Relaxing Massage of the Face, Scalp, Neck Shoulders, Arms and Hands. Any of these wonderful treatments can be included in your Embrace Me Massage or Swedish Massage.

  • Hand Exfoliation & Hydration Butter $10.00
  • Foot Exfoliation & Hydration Butter $10.00
  • Thermal Hand Treatment & Hydration Butter $20.00 - wrapped in warm mitts
  • Thermal Foot Treatment & Hydration Butter $20.00 - wrapped in warm mitts
  • Herbal Hot Towel Compressions $10.00
  • Facial (mini-no extractions) 45 Min $50.00​

Couples Massage