Embrace Massage Wellness in Cherry Hill, NJ

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What sets Embrace apart from all the other Spas?

At Embrace Massage Wellness in Cherry Hill, NJ, from the moment you walk in you will feel like you have escaped. Our settings are the perfect place for you to enjoy your custom Massage or Skin Care treatment. Embrace Massage & Wellness Spa is luxurious and peaceful, Just what you need to make you forget all about the outside world.  When you enter, all your senses are awaken. Your eyes are met by the warm rich colors, your nose drinks in the soft scent of sandalwood and vanilla. Your ears are soothed by the sound of a beautiful waterfall.  From the moment you walk in your relaxation begins.  

At Embrace we are not your run of the mill Spa, Our mission is with every Massage and Spa Treatment, for you to feel a connection with your therapist. You will never feel as if you are getting a mechanical, routine, same old treatment.  Before your therapist touches you, you well feel a warm bond from the first and last touch of your session. At Embrace, we put our body, mind and spirit into all we do!

Embrace Massage & Wellness Spa
Chocolate Massage
$105.00 1hr Single Session
$210.00 1hr Couples Session
All of the pleasure none of the guilt chocolate gift!
During your Chocolate Massage your therapist will use a Chocolaty aromatic massage cream that will leave you feeling silky smooth, just like a fine piece of smooth chocolate.  This Massage has the perfect combination of massage styles that include relaxing long soothing, circulatory and deep tissue massage styles.  We also include acupressure, reflexology, aromatherapy and perfectly timed hot towels and hot stones to melt away your stress.  Our Embrace Me Chocolate Massage has long lasting benefits to soothe those achy muscles and erase the stress from your body.
Chocolate Hand Scrub
Chocolate Foot Scrub
Chocolate Back Scrub



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